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About me…

Hi, friends. I'm Jenna!  

It's so great to connect with you!  I've been livin' it up in Virginia with my husband  (Dan the man), my beautiful daughter (Joss the Boss) and my fur baby (Jimi the cat).  I'm a summer baby, and baby, do I love summer.  Naturally, the sunshine is what powers me.  I enjoy playing volleyball and I have an affinity for fish tacos (If you've ever met a Buffalo native like me, we consider food to be one of the love languages).  Also, music is life!  I mean, the name itself is inspired by DMB.  I always wonder what the soundtrack of my life would sound like...probably something upbeat and cheesy!  

I service the Northern Virginia area photographing all things LOVE.  You know, that natural, spontaneous, playful kind of love.  My creativity is sparked when I am photographing candid moments outdoors in the natural light with families or couples who are loving life--but more importantly, loving each other.  Whatever season of life you are experiencing; engagements, anniversaries, milestones, growing families--I'm your chick.  I live for those scrunched-face smiles that are a result of uncontrollable laughter.  Bonus points for exploring places I've never been.  I'd love to meet you and make the magic happen!  


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Pick Me Up Love Photo
Stafford, VA & surrounding area


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