Pick Me Up Love Photo


Sara & Lorence | Historic Manor Engagement

How many women can say that they've been proposed to in IRELAND!! Well, for Sara, that magical experience is real life.  Back in March, I was overcome with excitement when Lorence told me he was going to propose to her on their upcoming trip.  He mentioned that engagement photos would be a must and to leave it up to Sara for arranging the details.  Before he could even finish, I was asking when my bags should be packed.  Too bad for me, he meant upon their return [hahaha]   Sara decided on a fall setting at Chatham Manor in Stafford, VA overlooking the river and historic downtown.  It was a beautiful evening full of love and playfulness. 

Not only are these two easy on the eyes, they are also known for hosting the best parties and some unforgettable camping trips.  They always make sure their friends have everything they need and engage in the most fun possible, I can only imagine what their wedding day will be like!!! 

Love you, sweet friends, and couldn't be happier for you!



Jenna Weber