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Stephanie & Josh | Railway & Park Engagement

A gorgeous day in February had newly engaged couple, Stephanie and Josh, rocking their love in front of my lens.  To capture these fun moments, we ventured from an abandoned railway nestled in the woods to multiple stops throughout Veterans Park in Woodbridge, VA.  As I consider Stephanie to be a dear friend of mine, I can admit that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Her heart is made of pure gold!  Here is what Josh has to say about his bride-to-be and he even provides a recap of moments before the actual proposal: 

She has such a huge heart. Anyone that knows Stephanie even just a little will immediately recognize that she has a huge heart. She cares so much about other people, oftentimes placing their feelings among her own because thats who she is.  [Stephanie] ALWAYS tries to jump into puddles to get me wet when we are walking together. Immediately before I proposed we were running and it had just rained so there were puddles around. She tried almost every puddle we passed [to get me wet]. Eventually, as we got closer to where I had planned to propose I began to lose concentration and think about what was about to happen, what I would say, etc. Stephanie got me pretty soaked while I was distracted. All I could do was smile and think to myself: "thats about to be your wife."

It is obvious that she has found the man of her dreams, especially after hearing him speak so highly of her.  They are truly made for each other!  I asked Steph to tell me about her favorite quality of Josh, here is her response:

The minute I met Josh I became infatuated with the man!  I would have to say his passion for living life to the fullest [is my favorite quality]. One memory that really sticks out is when he booked our train trip across the country. We had been talking about taking a two week train trip across the United States but life kept getting in the way. However, Josh decided on Tuesday to buy our tickets and we left that Thursday! We were literally booking hotels for different cities on the train a few hours before we got there! It was such an amazing experience!  It is pretty simple, I get to do life with the greatest man every day!

I cannot wait to see these two tie the knot in November, it will be a day just like any other, loving each other unconditionally and hosting a great party!  Take a glimpse at the photos below to see these babes for yourself.

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Jenna Weber