I uprooted and moved to Virginia about 13 years ago, just about the same time I got my first DSLR camera. I am a proud native of Buffalo, NY (boy do I miss the food--okay, and my family, too). When I am not adventuring with my client friends, I can be found hanging at home with my husband and two beautiful daughters. I have a cat that loves me most of all and patiently waits for my attention. I joke that he is my therapy kitty. If anyone has two daughters, you know why I say that!

I enjoy playing volleyball and crave fish tacos and Greek pitas.  There is always music blaring in our home.  I often wonder what the soundtrack of my life would sound like...probably something upbeat and cheesy, but make it acoustic!  

See more about how I got started below.

I am stoked to meet YOU and make the magic happen!

Much Love,


Photos above by Greyley's Moon Photography

The start of

Pick Me Up Love Photo...

I've been in business for 5+ years now. It has been such a rewarding journey. It's actually pretty funny how I ended up here. About 20 years ago, I visited Las Vegas for the first time with my family. I vividly remember walking the strip one night while seeing all the sights. My mom, with her digital camera in hand, took photos of every damn thing we encountered, including the floor tiles of the Bellagio. I was so mean to her, and hurried her along. I said, "We've had enough of the pictures, mom." Well, I guess I needed to grow up to fully understand the meaning of "time flies" or "these days are fleeting" or just passion in general. She just wanted to document those moments because they were sacred to her, and photos are the only thing we have when all that's left is a memory.

I like to think that she instilled this love of photography in me. She is one of my biggest supporters, even despite the Las Vegas debacle. I wanted my business to represent love, and building people up. I thought...the lyrics "Pick Me Up Love" in my favorite (live) DMB song, "Everyday" was a perfect title to introduce what I'm all about. I want to share my love of photography with you and make you feel cared for and valued during our time together. I want you to see love in the photos, but I also want you to feel the love in them!

On the job with my wedding clients!

Creating is my jam.

Whether it's a family dancing around to their favorite song on my portable speaker, a couple snuggled up together just tuning out the world around them to take in the moment, or a graduate with a new-found adrenaline to take on the world; I want to be there to capture it.

Families, Couples, Weddings, Motherhood, Seniors, and more!

The Process

01. Connect

You want to feel cared for and valued when you hire someone to capture your memories. You trust them to freeze time—the time that you’ll never get back. Tell them about you and what sets your soul on fire, that way this will resonate in your photographs.

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

Choose a location that will set the stage for fun full of adenture and exploration. Plan your outfits based on comfort, personality, and that is appropriate for the location and season. Get excited!

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

The most exciting part of the process is making your vision come alive. I will be there to capture the raw emotion, true connections, and genuine love. Leave the stressful stuff to me, just enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Bring it to life