Stying a session -- it’s in the details

Follow These tips for stunning photos

Dress Appropriately

When choosing outfits and footwear, consider the terrain on location of your photo session and be sure to check the weather! Nothing worse than cold/hot grumpy kids. 

Patterns & textures

This is the fun part! Welcome prints that are not too “busy” or that will distract from the most important part of the photos—YOU! Don’t be afraid to mix up a variety of patterns: Florals, wide stripes, checkers, and plaids are all great! Experiment with different materials (denim, linen, corduroy, suede, leather, knit) as this can make the photos more visually interesting and it adds texture!


Colors are very important to consider when planning your outfits. My warm editing style tends to mute the bold colors a bit, so they may not look perfectly true to color. With that said, your best bet is NEUTRALS, muted, and/or earthy tones. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of colors that photograph well: white, cream, tan, brown, gray, black, sage/mossy green, mustard yellow, mauve-y purple, dusty rose pink, teal, and slate blue.

**Patterns and Colors to avoid: Fine-striped patterns or textures (it does weird things in camera), large scale logos on clothing, bold or neon colors such as fire engine red, royal blue, hot pink, neon green. etc. Sometimes these are unavoidable or it may be your preference and that is OK!


I do recommend coordinating the outfits of those being photographed, but try to avoid matchy-matchy. Find colors that complement one another. Mix solids and prints/patterns. Plan a variety of flowy dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, button-up tops, denim pants, khakis, skirts, etc. We want to make everyone comfortable and clothing is a huge part of expressing one’s personality. Ultimately, everyone will be a bit happier during the session if we cater the style to everyone involved!

Pro Tip: Let mom choose her outfit first, and then the others can complement her!


Accessorize with jewelry, fashion scarves, hair bows/bands, hats. Layers are good (jean jackets, cardigans, vests) and adds dimension to the photos.

Double check the following before the session begins

-Undergarments aren’t showing (i.e. little girls wearing dresses, I highly recommend bike shorts or bloomers underneath)

-No cell phones, keys, and/or chewing tobacco in pockets

-Remove hair ties from around the wrist

-Sunglasses removed from face or head (unless preferred/required)

Wear classic styles you’ll cherish for a lifetime. I LOVE trendy outfits, just be sure you won’t regret it in a few years! If you need any assistance, just send me an email and we can explore together.

Shops I love:

H&M, Zara, Target, Kohls, Old Navy, Gap, Rylee + Cru, Free People, Anthropologie, Abercrombie & Fitch, Baltic Born, Carhartt, Piper & Scoot.